BANZAI JAPAN(バンザイジャパン)

Saitama Evangelist

埼玉県 伝道師

島田 玲奈

Rena Shimada

都道府県PR Local Introduction
Colorful country, Saitama-ken! Kawagoe, Chichibu, Shintoshin, lots of great place to visit! Come to Saitama, where you can enjoy twice at once!
ニックネーム Nickname
れなち / Rena-chi
誕生日 Birthday
7月21日 / 21 July
星座 Zodiac Sign
かに座 / Cancer
血液型 Blood type
B型 / Type-B
趣味 Hobby
Anime, Game, Music
キャッチフレーズ Greeting to the fans
Still growing up with the prefecture, Want to be loved over generations! A trainee evangelist of Saitama, Reina Shimada!
特徴 Characteristic
Seems as if she's not interested, loves two dimensional! Loves Sanrio characters! A nerd who loves many things.