BANZAI JAPAN(バンザイジャパン)

Chiba Evangelist

千葉県 伝道師

菜花 まりあ

Maria Nabana

都道府県PR Local Introduction
A bit of country?A bit of city! This is Chiba! Many places to go and various food from the sea and mountains!
ニックネーム Nickname
はなまり / Hanamari
誕生日 Birthday
2月17日 / 17 February
星座 Zodiac Sign
みずがめ座 / Aquarius
血液型 Blood type
AB型 / Type-AB
趣味 Hobby
Baking, Costume play, writing novels
キャッチフレーズ Greeting to the fans
I'm Maria Nabana, evangelist -in-training! Will get you happily Hanamari!
特徴 Characteristic
Very friendly. Literature enthusiast, who loves anime. Great at immediate memorization and fast reading.