BANZAI JAPAN(バンザイジャパン)

Osaka Evangelist

大阪府 伝道師

一ノ瀬 かな

Kana Ichinose

都道府県PR Local Introduction
Osaka is a place full of smiles that loves festivals❁
It is full of people with the best kindness!!
Okonomiyaki and takoyaki are specialties…!
Let's enjoy everything in life! Why don't you come to Osaka where such people gather?
ニックネーム Nickname
かなもん / Kanamon
誕生日 Birthday
10月17日 / 17 October
星座 Zodiac Sign
てんびん座 / Libra
血液型 Blood type
O型 / Type-O
趣味 Hobby
◎Eat lots of delicious food!
(Do you know a delicious cake shop? If you know, please let me know!)
◎Take a walk
(I noticed that I had walked 9km! It's fun to walk while making various discoveries in the city⸜❤️⸝‍)
◎Reading(I especially like the books written by Hiro Arikawa and Kiyoshi Shigematsu♡)
キャッチフレーズ Greeting to the fans
What is everyone's favorite?
Cinnamon?KONAMON(Food made from flour)?
What to choose〜??
I'm Kana Ichinose, an evangelist from Osaka Prefecture!
特徴 Characteristic
I'm an energetic Osaka girl every day!
I was a rhythmic gymnast, so I'm good at flexibility.
What makes me feel good is delicious food☺️